domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

I (L) BlackBerry. Internet everywhere? yes!

This is not something very related to what we learned in class but it is real life! and about Internet!

I choose this topic to talk about today because I have a BlackBerry smartphone and I begin to feel addicted to it! But the most amazing is that I can have Internet everywhere. I mean, this is not something that has just appeared but I sometimes think the far the technology has arrived!

Nowadays, we can connect to every single person with an Internet connection. And the name "smartphones" remembered me to "smartmobs" of Rheingold.
We use devices that give us infinity possibilities by connecting to the Internet !

And these mobile devices, such as BlackBerry, are useful tools for participatory journalism!

Moreover, social networks are included in BlackBerrys so you can keep contacting with your friends through a mobile device.

Isn't that crazy?! I love to be free to do whatever I want just with the comfort of a BlackBerry or other kind of device on your hands!

We don't realize it but we live it! Something that no one in the past had but it still amazing!


mr. V

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